Community focus on Mental Health Awareness backed by our love of NFT and watches

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We support mental health

The importance of mental health has been overlooked in the past. Mental health encompasses our psychological, emotional and social well being. It impacts how we feel, think and behave each day.

One of our co-founder, Sushi, understands the significance of mental health as his brother battles with bi-polar disorder. Because this has hit close to home, he has made meaningful contributions in his community to drive mental health awareness. 

With this project, he looks to expand on that support and awareness. With each sale of the Solex S1 NFT, we will donate 50% profit to Mental health related foundations ( i. e Tim Bergling foundation)

Our Collection

Solex S1

Launched to public on 10/10/2021


Team Members



Head of Operations

Mastermind, watch collector, ex-gallery owner

Our head honcho, what more needs to be said?

10+ years in Watch Collecting

10+ years in Fine Art

5+ years in Crypto



Head of Marketing

*Not related to Lil Sushi

Sushi is an internationally globe-trotting professional watch maker who comes from a long and storied family of artisans. He is able to combine his traditional background with his love of collectibles to help us pave the way for the next generation of NFTs.

10+ years as a Watch Maker

5+ years in Crypto

Sushi's Linkedin


Lil Sushi

Head of Design/Lead Character Designer

Artist, Designer, Innovator

Creative visionary behind most of our designs/3d renderings who's inspired by the hundreds of years of Watch Makers/Artistans that came before them.

8+ years in Design

4+ years in Crypto

10+ years in watch making



Head of CRM and Security

Our Head of CRM and Security, Slugger has a diverse background in everything from Learning Management Systems to Biotechnology, Slugger's interest in Crypto/NFTs definitely fits their passion for Security and Anonymity.

3+ years in Crypto

5+ years in Security

2+ years with NFTs


Major Keyyy

Head of Customer Experience

Starting off in the E-Sports arena and eventually transitioning into Crypto, what started off as a love for the community eventually blossomed into a hunger to drive the next evolution of Crypto/NFT through community building and engagement

3+ years in Crypto

8+ years in CX

"Time to support Mental Health"